The Big Kids Toys This Year

The chances are that if you have not heard of the Ben 10 Omnitrix you obviously do not have a boy aged between four and twelve, because it seems that nearly all young boys in this age group   have been captivated by the incredibly popular cartoon adventures from two different related series that revolve around the adventures of a young boy who can transform himself into any one of many alien superhero’s.

There are four different variations of the Ben 10 omnitrix toy, although they basically resemble a futuristic watch, the first is the Alien Force Ultimate, which makes use of alien sound effects and voices as well as multiple lights for an exciting interactive toy bringing new innovations to the Deluxe Ben Ten omnitrix.

The Deluxe Ben Ten omnitrix makes use of a very effective set of lights and sound effects as well as an LCD screen, and many kids may consider this the coolest variant in the omnitrix range. One possible reason for this is the ability to select a particular alien image, which is then splayed on the screen for the child to view and interact with.

Next in line is the Ben Ten omnitrix F/X, which is especially effective for role-playing and features some original footage from the incredibly popular cartoon series, on which the toys are based. This may be the best of the bunch for children with a high degree of creativity and imagination.

The Ben Ten omnitrix Alien Viewer also allows for the viewing of exciting sequences from the Ben 10 cartoons, which are stored on a disk, and once inserted the child can click on buttons and project the image onto any flat surface, whichever one of these options you choose it is sure to give many hours of fun.

Bakugan toys are another great option for the same age range of boys, there are even national and international tournaments hosted by Activison who are producing a video game based around the Bakugan Brawlers.

Bakugan are a set of monsters and robots, which when rolled spring to life with the use of hidden magnets producing a fast paced and fun set of toys, which are based on an incredibly successful Anime cartoon series produced in Japan under the title Bakugan Battle Brawlers, which has proved incredibly popular over the last three years, and has spawned huge numbers of young followers across the world.

Kids play by throwing down cards and then allowing the Bakugan balls to release the monsters inside with the most successful Bakugan winning the game. This makes it simple enough for very young children to play, but at the same time also interesting enough to hold the attention of older children, making it an ideal gift for a wide range of younger players.