The High Street Can Be A Bit Of A Desert

An Advertising Feature

The nature and world of shopping has changed over recent years, with many people finding the high street to have become a bit of an arid desert, offering a sparse and restrictive collection of clothing. However, with some retailers unleashing new designs it seems that the high street desert could soon become a luscious oasis of style – but how?

As the winter weather begins to approach, some people begin to feel that the high street begins to dry up as summer clothing displays are replaced by thick cardigans and woollen jumpers. However, thanks to the beautiful range of dresses and clothing, such as oasis dresses, the winter season is set to become just as bright and bold as summer.

Some of the top styles for this winter see bold and striking colours implemented within traditional, dark coloured garments in order to create a striking and bold look. Geometric designs, stripes and prints are popular favourites and are sure to inject some fun into the festive season.

Shying away from some of the traditional colours, oasis dresses and other great designs are utilising unique combinations to create fresh and original designs that are sure to liven up the high street desert. Still offered at affordable prices, these items are perfect for money-conscious shopper and could help to put our high street stores back on the map.

Popular colours seem to be bright shades of red, pink, teal and purple while darker, more conservative options are still available through black, navy and beige varieties. With such a wide selection of different styles and shapes, the dresses on offer this season will leave consumers with an endless mountain of choice.

Round neck, sleeveless designs are one common feature, with capped sleeves also making a regular appearance. Perfect styles for smart and casual attire, these are the perfect additions to any winter wardrobe. Alongside this, collared dresses and roll neck options are also available for those after increased warmth or style. These items are more reflective of the winter season, combining comfort, warmth and fashion to create a stylish yet practical item.

In terms of style, a number of dresses available feature simplistic and straight edges designed to be conservative and flattering. These are perfect for work-based events and functions but will also look great as a casual piece of attire. Alternatively, bolder more striking dress styles are also available for those with a more extravagant and extroverted style. These could feature one shoulder/sleeve designs, ruche detailing or even pleated and frilled designs. Striking designs include asymmetrical dresses with one shoulder designs which use contrasting colours and patterns, combining a number of unique features to create an original and creative garment.

With so many different possibilities, the scope of garments available from retails could be endless. This means that all of these variants on offer could help to prevent the high street from drying out all together this winter – giving us more of a luscious oasis than an arid desert.