The humane way of getting rid of bugs is finally here

If you are one of the many who dreads the summer months for the amount of insects, spiders and bugs that comes with it, but hate to use chemicals to get rid of them, then help is now at hand.

The Procter Pest-Stop Spider and Bug Vacuum is a simple and effective device that will suck up any spider, insect or bug and let you put them outside without them dying or being hurt in any way.

Whilst there are many who love the onslaught of bees, wasps etc there are just as many who hate them being in their house or place of work, yet don’t want to fill the air with chemicals. These people have been yearning for an alternative method of removing them that is altogether more humane, but until now that kind of device was very hard to find.

By using the Procter Pest-Stop Spider and Bug Vacuum you can get rid of all creepy crawlies and flying insects in one easy motion without them coming to any harm. There has been a gap in the market for this kind of gentle beastie removal for a long time, and thanks to Procter we can all be bug free without any chemicals at all.

Powered by a 9v battery, the Spider & Bug Vacuum has an extra long handle which allows customers to simply and effectively capture spiders and insects at arm’s length without fuss or mess. Once caught, they can then free the creature outside without needing to come into contact with it by simply switching it off. As there is no suction, the insect should then crawl or fly out.

Procter Pest-Stop, based in Bedwas, South Wales, is one of the UK’s longest-established manufacturers and suppliers of pest control products for commercial and domestic use. With a history dating back to 1740, its track record in research and development is unparalleled.

Through innovations such as the Little Nipper mouse and rat traps, Procter Pest-Stop has become the brand of choice for many independent DIY and hardware stores and garden centres across the UK who are seeking to provide the best possible pest control products. The company is also recognised as a thought leader across the many complex areas of pest control and has made an extensive body of information available at its website,

Spider & Bug Vacuum (PSSBV)

contains 6 per case

 No contact with the spider or insect necessary
Use at arm’s length
Requires one x 9v battery (not supplied)
Won’t kill the spider or insect
No mess
Highly effective

Product Dimensions: H 110mm x W 225mm x D 78mm

RRP: (single product) £11.99

Available for immediate delivery

Further information about the Spider & Bug Vacuum, including a Technical Data Sheet and key information for stockists is available on the website