There are huge numbers of nice salespeople out there, honest

At this time of year when we are battling our way around the shops making like Santa Claus, there is one dread that is in the back of all our minds that looms larger than things being out of stock. The thought of having to ask a Neanderthal sales assistant for help makes us shudder, and this is a reputation they have deservedly earned due to their lack of politeness, knowledge and their firm belief that the customer is never right.

The thing is that, without us even realising, the tide has changed and most salespeople know are now pleasant, personable and willing to do anything they can to help the weary customer. This is because no company wants to be known for their surely staff, and intensive in-house training now takes place to ensure that even the most miserable of souls has a smile at the ready and is extremely helpful.

In the majority of stores these days, the vacant expressions and vague wave of the hand in a general direction have long gone, and shopping is a much happier experience. There is also a point worth making that many will disagree with, but needs bearing in mind, when we have come home and moaned and groaned about the attitude of salespeople have any of you ever put yourself in their position?

When we go shopping we get agitated, fact, and these poor people have to stand there and be shouted at, abused and spoken to as if they are two year olds by ratty shoppers who aren’t prepared to look for stuff. While this is no excuse for bad manners, it’s not easy standing all day answering banal and ridiculous questions from customers who would try the patience of a saint.

Salespeople aren’t paid a fortune, and many are on minimum wage, and customers need to remember that they are doing their best and do a job that is, in the main, thoroughly thankless. While there are some miserable so and so’s out there, the majority are just like the rest off us, and if they have a bad day there is a reason for it.

So whilst we are more than likely to be greeted in the packed shops by happy, smiling people with big smiles on their faces, so try to keep a smile on your face and it will probably be returned by more enlightened modern shop staff.

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