Things That Help A Car's Value

Have you been thinking about selling your car? Before you think of selling it, make a wise choice when buying your car. Be it a brand new car or a used one, one needs to research, what he/she is looking for before investing in a car. … Are you looking for speed, for looks, or just a means of getting from one place to another?

You are never going to buy a car for life. Accept that you will sell it in time- maybe 3 years or maybe 10. Buy a car which will give you your value for money!

Here are some tips you should keep in mind, before you narrow your choice!

–          Figure out what you need to use your car for (work, road trips, grocery and school runs etc.), and how many people your car needs to seat.

–          Are you willing to spend on a fuel guzzling machine and power or do you want economy?

–          Ask yourself- ‘How expensive are spare parts’

–          How much mileage will my car give me, and how sturdy is it?

–          Different brands of cars devalue at different rates.

–          Take care of your car, as you would your child. Get it maintained and serviced on time-preferably agency serviced, and keep all records of the same.

–          Make all requisite repairs to your car, before you sell it. A small dent will greatly decrease the value.

–          Check that your tires are fine, engine has no issues and the glass is crack free.

–          Pray that the demand is more than the supply! In short, if there are too many similar models in the market, especially if it is faulty, you are in for trouble.

–          Sell your car before it reaches the 10 year mark. Once you cross that, the value pummels.

–          Brands like Nissan, Toyota and Honda sell at better prices than brands like Ford, Peugeot or Chevrolet.

–          Colour matters! No man is going to want a pink car! It’s always safe to stick to a neutral colour.

–          And you definitely know – the more miles you’ve run, the lower the value of your car.

Most importantly, before you buy your car – accept that you WILL bond with your car. Do not compromise and buy something you will be unhappy with. You have to sell it someday, and you need to love it to help maintain its value. Drive safe!