Three things you need as a contractor

Whether you’re an independent contractor or working as part of a larger group, there are certain things that everyone needs to work.

Whether it’s the right skills, equipment or contractors insurance, having the necessary things ensures that you can not only do your job to the fullest of your efficiency, but it also shows that you take care and due precedence in your work. This, in turn, should hopefully improve your business. After all, no one really wants to hire a contractor that comes across as not knowing what they are doing, do they?

In today’s somewhat fickle business environment, not to mention the fluctuations in the economy, few people can predict what businesses will succeed or fail in the future. But if you are looking to


One of the problems with certain industries and business trades is that you need relevant skills to do the job. This isn’t about knowing what to do, but being able to prove to prospective customers that you are adequately qualified in terms of skill.

The easiest way to achieve this is to, in fact, have the relevant qualifications. Various sectors, such as the gas board, have their own awards or qualifications that prove you are a registered expert in working with gas and gas boilers. Similar schemes, such as the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, serve to award you proof of your skills. They may not always be legally required, but going the extra length to prove your skills will improve your business, especially if you’re competing against lesser qualified competitors.


Every contractor needs to have adequate tools. Turning up at a work site or call-out and expecting to find the correct equipment prepared for you is unprofessional. Any trades person worth their fee will bring their own tools.

By using your own, you also have the chance to inspect and maintain them to the highest level. Using your own tools also ensures you are more comfortable, knowing how to use specific types of tools to the best of your ability. This also means you’ll work more efficiently, and the more efficient you are, the more you can get done.

Contractors insurance

Due to the more unusual nature of contracted work, you need more unique insurance. As you may not always have the same employer, often working for and under different people with each project, you need insurance that adequately reflects this. Likewise, you can often be held directly responsible for your work from a legal stand point; contractors insurance should ensure that you are well protected. This is why reliable contractor’s insurance or personal liability insurance is always recommended.

As a contractor, people may feel unsatisfied with your work, or you may cause injuries or damages. In any of these cases, legal issues can occur and personal liability insurance can help resolve this.

Finally, as with skills and equipment, having insurance in place proves your worth as a contractor. Why? Well, main contractors, for instance, often will not consider hiring a sub-contractor or otherwise without them having adequate insurance in place.