Ticket seller guilty of fraud

This week dodgy online ticket fraud took a major blow due to a landmark court case against a man who made his living out of selling tickets that he never had possession of or intended to deliver to consumers.

In just three years John Koukoullis was able to make £2.7m in selling fake tickets, but now he is the first person to be prosecuted for fraud because of his choices.

Trading under the business names of Herts Box Office and previously Direct Dispatch, Koukoullis was able to sell thousands of tickets that he never owned.

In his time defrauding people, he was prosecuted by trading standards officers on four different occasions, but it did not stop him as he chose to instead set up a new operation to take the place of the one that was closed down.

He carried on doing this sometimes delivering tickets and other times not, until the Hertfordshire Trading Standards tried a new tactic by charging him with the Fraud Act for selling tickets without stating their actual face value, laundering the proceeds, and selling football tickets without the proper authorization.

In the end his entire history of fraudulent transactions came out on trial as well as the fact that he was a calculating, dishonest man.

It took the jury less than an hour to convict him of his crimes and he will now face sentencing in August of this year with the possibility of losing everything he owns.