Tips for finding a handyman

In an ideal world we would all have someone in our family who is an expert plumber, electrician or general overall Mr. Fix it, who is always there to sort out those small repair jobs around the house.   Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case and instead we have to rely on skilled handymen to do these jobs.  Finding a handy man doesn’t have to be a daunting job.  As long as you bear in mind a number of important questions, you should be able to find yourself a good and reputable handy man.

There are a number of places you can look for a handyman.  Word of mouth is always a good option.  A handyman who comes with a personal recommendation is often a good choice as they have a reputation to uphold.  The telephone directory, yellow pages or similar online directories such as (where you can review jobs in this archive) are also good places to search, allowing you to look at a number of adverts in your area at the same time.
Choose at least three to contact.  Be sure to be clear about what you want and the timescale you need the job doing in.  Ask them to pop around to provide a quotation for the work to be done.  Don’t accept estimates, an estimate could be subject to change whereas a quotation is an agreed price.
Never agree to pay in advance, pay only upon completion of the work being done to your satisfaction.  However, you may need to pay a deposit in advance if you are requiring them to purchase a specific item required for the job, e.g. paint or tiles.
Ask for references.  It is important to contact a referee for verification and not just accept a written anonymous statement.
Ask for proof of third-party property and injury insurance which will cover them for any damage to your property and your neighbours.  It should also cover them, should they or anyone else get injured whilst they are on your property.
Finally ask for a written guarantee with the work so that should anything go wrong down the line you have some means of comeback.

A good handyman is not going to be offended if you ask these questions, if they seem reserved, then look elsewhere.