Tips for purchasing a rise and recliner chair

For many, the difficulty is standing up or sitting down due to limited mobility has become a thing of the past thanks to the latest models in the rise and recliner chair market. These chairs provide support and comfort for those who suffer from such illnesses as asthma, arthritis, back pain, circulatory problems etc, and they also offer an alternative seating option to those who are susceptible to conditions that are caused by sitting for a long time, such as pressure sores.

A remote control mechanism is the usually connected to one of the arms of the chair and it is through this that the electric rise and recline motions can be employed. The functions very much depend on which model of chair you choose, but even the most basic of model should gently tip upwards and forwards, making it easy for the user to both sit in the chair and to rise from it. Other models will also have features such as foot rests and an adjustable back to make it even more comfortable.

Rise and recline chairs do not come cheap, however, and should be viewed as an investment to help someone to either regain or maintain their independence. As they come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with a choice of features, you really should spend some time doing your homework before parting with any cash. Here are a few tips to follow if you are looking to invest in a rise and recline chair.

Size is the first thing you should consider, as both chairs and people vary greatly in size. If at all possible it is highly recommended that the user try various models before buying as things such as the position of the foot rest of the height of the back can have a huge bearing on the comfort of the user when in the chair. Many companies now offer a tailor made service where the  recliner chair is specially built but this comes at a price, and there are also dual motor ones allowing the user to fine tune the position of the foot and back rests.

There are now so many models of this kind of chair available that the choice can seem baffling. As technology seems to be advancing on an almost monthly basis, these chairs are changing all the time, and you will have to look at each chair individually and judge it on its own merits, then compare them with the needs of the user. For example, does the user really want a heat and massage system or do you just think its a good idea, work with the person who is going to use the chair, don’t just assume what they want.

The sole aim of a rise and recline chair is to enhance the well being of the user and to make life easier and more comfortable for them. Some chairs are a lot easier to use than others, and the button size on the remote controls also vary greatly, so all these things need to be taken into consideration as the last thing you want is to fork out all that money then find the user needs help to operate it as this defeats the whole purpose of the exercise.