Try New Things in the Kitchen

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We all know that change and variation is needed in order to prevent stagnation but more often than not we don’t apply this mantra to our household cooking. Relying on the same tried-and-tested recipes is okay but could prevent you from discovering the newest taste sensations and creating your own special recipes.

Trying new things in the kitchen is a great way for you to create your own “family recipe” and could help impress dinner guests, friends and family. Taking Spaghetti Bolognese as our example here are ten easy things you could try in order to spice up that old favourite:

1: It doesn’t have to be Beef

Traditionally a Spaghetti Bolognese uses minced beef, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. The first new thing you can try is to change the meat used, or not use meat at all! Minced Lamb is a good, but safe, alternative and using vegetarian mince (which is easily available) is a great way to make sure everyone can enjoy your meal.

2: Meatballs?

Sticking to the traditional set up of a spaghetti Bolognese is fine, but why not add some extras to make your meal special? Using meatballs instead of, or alongside, your mince is a great way to change things while ensuring cooking success.

For those wanting a little bit more risk you could always have a go at making the meatballs yourself and perhaps using a different meat from that of your mince.

3: Sauce too Thin?

For those of you who prefer a nice thick sauce there is a simple way to add some extra density to your Bolognese. Simply add tomato paste or soup to your sauce for some extra flavour and bulk. Using a tomato based product will keep the traditional taste of your Bolognese, meaning you get all of the benefits of a thick sauce without any reduction in flavour or quality.

4: Pasta

There isn’t much you can do with the pasta in a ‘”Spaghetti” Bolognese, but trying out wholemeal rather than white pasta is an easy way to try something new whilst making your dish a little healthier.

5: Change the Seasoning

It is easy to get into a pattern with meals, so why not shake things up a little. Changing the type of seasoning you use can transform a dish, so look into a range of different herbs and spices in order to see what will compliment your dish best. Look into preselected packet mixes if you want to guarantee yourself a kitchen success.

6: Add extra Flavour

A good way to add some more “oomph” to your Bolognese is through some added flavour. Why not boil your mince in some stock and then drain before cooking in the Bolognese sauce? This is a great way to enhance the natural meaty flavour of your dish.

7: Have a “Secret” Ingredient

Experiment with the contents of your cupboards and see what “special” ingredients you can add to make this dish your own. This could be as simple as adding a different vegetable or you could even add a spoonful or two of yeast extract to give a bit of an extra kick.

8: Listen to Suggestions

Take the advice of others and see what things people change in order to personalise their meals. Joining forums and engaging in conversations with others online is a great way to find new ideas quickly.

Following brands such as Schwartz can help you to swap and discuss new ideas. Schwartz also has a number of uploaded videos which can help you to see how to go about creating new recipes.

9: Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to try something completely new and inspired. At some point someone decided to mix chilli and chocolate, so why not try something similar? Adding chocolate to your Bolognese could prove a triumph or a disaster, but you’ll never know unless you try.

10: Be Creative

The presentation is often the part of the meal which is looked at most closely, so be creative with your plates. See what you can make from your spaghetti Bolognese – perhaps a Spaghetti Monster for younger children – and have fun with the presentation.