UK Border Agency employee jailed for fraud

The former head of the UK Border Agency commercial investigation unit, arrested for fraud totalling £480m, has been jailed for four and a half years. A Criminal Records Bureau check was not performed on Andrew Waldron, otherwise the prosecutor says the Home Office would have known about this past and would not have allowed him to be employed in that type of position. It is reported that he earned in his four years about £500,000.

Waldron was able to gain skills, credibility and contacts in order to commit fraud because the Home Office did not perform a CRB check that was required. Waldron has admitted he lied both to get a job in 2002 with the Gloucestershire Police and again in 2005 with the Home Office. He had been at one time in charge of over £20m of housing contracts.

Apparently he made up a fictitious government agency named Cross Border Intelligence Service in which he was the director and said that he had be asked to help thousands of foreign diplomats and their families find accommodations.

While out on bail from other offences he allegedly took close to £70,000 in five months out of the property companies that had been told they were going to get £480m worth of contracts.