UK consumers most likely to be victims of identity theft

Recent research has been conducted by Equifax which has shown that UK consumers are the most likely in Europe to become victims of identity fraud. This research was conducted in September and it showed that those who were logging into their banking through the internet failed to clear their browser history, and many people stayed logged in on smart phones instead of logging out when they were finished.

Both of these activities leave people at risk of having their identity stolen, and having their bank accounts affected. National Identity Fraud Prevention month runs through October and as part of the campaign, Equifax are working to show people how to reduce the risk of exposing their identity to fraudsters.

Neil Monroe, from Equifax has commented, “Our research has just shown the people in the UK are making it very easy for fraudsters to access their identity information, by failing to log out of Internet banking, and storing passwords for banking when they really shouldn’t. People have also been found to be storing various bits of financial information on their smart phone, such as their pin number, which also exposes them to identity fraud.

“Around 30 percent of people that we surveyed said that they don’t log out of their Internet banking account, or social media websites, which can leave been exposed to having information about their identity stolen, or even people infiltrating their bank account.

We also found that people were not adequately protecting their smart phone by introducing a password, which leaves the information vulnerable to anyone who might be able to get their hands on the device. All of these services offer a great deal of convenience to consumers, but they do need to be careful.”