Unlock the Security Potential of Your iPhone

The newest iteration of the iPhone has hit Apple stores and throngs of people have already queued up, some with tents and sleeping bags – you might be one of them! All that’s on your mind is how great your new phone is going to be, or how happy your dad will be with his tech gift. Is the new dual camera truly DSLR like? How much faster will my apps run?

But under smooth white display lights, dangers there do lurk – slippery fingers shatter screens – and dreams. Connectivity can lead maleficent hackers straight to your location as you ‘Check In’. But then, how are you supposed to let others know who you are, where you are, and just how cool your new unlocked iPhone is going to be?

Dropping your phone is the last thing on your mind. That baby isn’t leaving your iron claws. And yet during the last iPhone release, one of the first people to get their hands on the new phone dropped it out of the box. Check out the video on YouTube!

Even further from your mind is the possibility someone might want to steal your phone, sure you know it happens, but how can you think of that now? What a bummer to conclude worst case scenarios when you’re standing in line, about to get your hands on mobile gold.

Guess what though, you and all the people queuing up aren’t the only ones who want to get their hands on a desirable new iPhone.

Obviously we all hope that nothing bad will happen, normally it doesn’t – but just in case, it’s better to be prepared, and there are steps you can take to keep your data safe.
Turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ 
Very simply, when you buy your new iPhone the first piece of advice you can expect once you’ve decided on the colour and specifications is to switch on your ‘Find My iPhone’ iCloud feature. While it might not sound like a big deal, this function can help you locate any of your Mac devices whenever they are connected to Wifi or a network. Leave it to a not-so-tech-savvy burglar to leave the feature turned on and you’ll be able to track their location and inform the police. Another handy feature allows you to lock your phone or computer to block people from gaining access to your personal data. Finally, there’s a little alarm that sounds in case you simply misplaced your phone and need help finding it under stacks of office files or dirty socks.
No access from the lock screen
Sometimes hackers and thieves just need to buy themselves some time. If they gain access to controls from the lock screen alone, a thief will be able to switch over to aeroplane mode,  blocking Wi-Fi and networks, and with them your ability to track your device through the aforementioned ´Find My Phone´ feature. Go to Control Centre and flip the Access on Lock Screen to off.
Set your phone to lock immediately
Your iPhone asks you to log back in after a while, usually when you’ve left it alone long enough to go into sleep mode. But just imagine leaving your phone on the barstool by accident. Of course if someone wanted to take it, a lock screen wouldn’t deter them – but it will keep them from easily obtaining personal data. If your phone hasn’t yet activated sleep mode your personal information is exposed. Prevent this by changing the time by which you want your phone to require a passcode by going to ‘Touch ID & Passcode´ settings.

For now, Apple Smurfs are clapping you out of the store as you take proud strides, beautiful new iPhone in hand. Tomorrow’s forecast might not be so bright though. Hopefully your phone will never fall into the wrong hands, but in case it does – keep your personal information safe.