Warrant out for man who pretended to be his father

A warrant has been placed on a man in Barrhead who pretended to be his father for six months while he went on an online spending spree. After charges were placed against George Petrie from Darnley Road he failed to appear on his court date. He is facing charges of spending over £1,500 on shopping purchases online after stealing the identity of his father.

The 34 year old took his father’s card details that were linked to his PayPal account in order to pay for more than a thousand pounds worth of items. Petrie was charged with fraud after the purchases were discovered. All of the purchases could be traced back to his home address and were made between January 27th of 2012 and June 28th of 2012.

He was supposed to be in court for a hearing at the Paisley Sheriff Court this week he failed to appear forcing Sheriff Ruth Anderson to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Peter Galletly, his lawyer, stated that he had no idea why Petrie would choose not to show up in court but that it was possible that he would not have been sentenced on the court date had he appeared making it more to his disadvantage that he had chosen to skip the hearing.

The case was adjourned briefly in April for a medical report that was conducted to see if he was medically approved to be sentenced to a Community Payback Order. The medical review was to assess how fit he was.

The lawyer explained that the letter had been received from the GP of Petrie, but it was very brief and not very descriptive therefore it might not be enough to make a decision. Galletly stated that it cost his firm £80 for the statement from the doctor which was very short and they had written back to get more information.