Ways to Save Energy and Cash This Winter

If you are a homeowner then you likely are struggling just like most of the UK population. With inflation, rising energy costs, and the mounting costs of everyday living it can be hard to get by on a monthly basis let alone think about saving the environment.

The good news is that you can help reduce your carbon footprint while also helping to cut costs, because many small changes that you make around the house to save energy will in turn promote a green household. The following are just a few of the great ways you can save energy and cash this winter.

Switch out your light bulbs

The very first thing you should do is take a look around your home at the type of light bulbs that you have in your lamps and outlets. Choosing energy efficient light bulbs that make use of LED technology or other eco-light technology can help to save you as much as £100 in energy costs and replacement bulb costs over the lifetime of one bulb. Now multiply that by the number of bulbs in your house and watch the eco-savings roll in.

Turn down the boiler

Next, you might want to get out your water calculator to see how you can reduce your water consumption and your energy costs. The very easiest way to reduce the amount of energy associated with your water usage is by simply turning down the boiler to 60 degrees centigrade. Just this one slight change can save you £100 on an annual basis and reduce the amount of electricity your home consumes.

Turn down the thermostat

Following this same line of thought, you might want to think about turning down your thermostat as well. No one likes to be cold while they are at home, but when you consider the fact that you save £30 yearly for every 1C that you turn the thermostat down it just makes sense.

Cut out drafts

If turning down the thermostat by one degree helps, think about how much energy you could conserve and money you could save if you cut out the drafts in your home. If you are not losing any heat then you will not need any energy at all to replace it.  Draw your curtains to keep air drafts out and make sure that your radiators are not blocked by anything like a sofa. You may not notice the difference, but you will when you get your bill.

Buy a jacket for the water boiler

Finally, while you are working on heat proofing your home, one of the top water saving tips  is to buy a jacket for your water boiler. By adding insulation to the water boiler you will stop heat from seeping out and will end up saving about £20 every year. Just make sure that you purchase a jacket that is at least 75mm thick if you want to make sure it works.