Weatherproof Garden Furniture? Yes, It Exists!

Do you hate covering your garden furniture or bringing it indoors every time it rains? Unfortunately, garden furniture usually does not withstand exposure to the outdoor elements particularly well, while even all protective coatings in the world cannot make it weatherproof in the real meaning of the word. But if you choose the right outdoor furniture, you will not have to look up in the sky any longer.

Theoretically, all pieces of garden furniture are made to be left outdoors but as mentioned earlier, this is not a good idea if you want to enjoy in its beauty for some time. But believe it or not, weatherproof garden furniture does exist. And no, I do not mean plastic if that is what you are thinking. There is one gorgeous, all natural material that cannot be affected by unfavourable weather and other outdoor elements – teak.

What Makes Teak Superior over Other Materials

Teak is a tropical hardwood which is native to Far East. It is one of the strongest and most durable types of wood in the world. But the thing that makes it truly a perfect material for outdoor furniture are its natural oils. These protect it from the effects of rain, intense UV light, rapid temperature changes and other weather elements as well as repel termites and other wood eating insects.

Thanks to the high content of natural oils, teak garden furniture can be left outdoors without any protection in the form of oiling or varnishing and it will not rot, crack or get affected by mould. You can leave it outdoors all year round regardless of your climate without the need to ever treat it.

Guide to the Selection of Teak Garden Furniture

If you are looking for garden furniture that requires virtually no care to keep it looking its best, teak is most certainly worth considering. But it is highly important to keep in mind that there is a huge difference in quality of teak garden furniture from one manufacturer to another. And it is not only the quality of workmanship but quality of timber too.

Only the finest teak such as the furniture sold here that is taken from the very centre of the log (heartwood) or grade A has the above mentioned qualities. Timber from the outer sections is inferior in every aspect. It contains little or no teak natural oils and as a result, it is not suitable for outdoor use if not protected like any other wood. Grade C teak for instance is considered even unsuitable for indoor use. So be very careful when buying new teak garden furniture.