Web detective shuts down Haiti scam charity

One internet detective acting alone was able to shut down a fake charity that was scamming people for cash under the guise of sending the money to children in need in Haiti.

Charles Conway, age 36, discovered an email fraud that looked like a real charity but instead of sending the money to children in Haiti diverted the funds to an Eastern European account.

He was able to expose the fake charity after performing some basic checks and was able to get it closed down on Tuesday.

Conway stated that this case in particular really got under his skin because he hates when people play on other’s heartstrings just to scam them.

The internet sleuth runs an agency on his own called Scam Detectives after a friend was ripped off during the holiday season.  He said his wife’s friend purchased a plethora of Christmas presents online but never came leaving her without a clue about how to shop online in the future or how to spot a scam online.

The online detective agency is set up as an aside to his web design firm Clear as Crystal and was launched in January.  The purpose of the site is to educate internet browsers on how to protect themselves from online fraud and email scams.  The website has already attracted over 78,000 people from around the globe.

Conway offers two rules to protect browsers from being the victim of a scam, never donate to any charity that finds you via email, and never donate to a charity that you have never heard of.