Welsh Government warns elderly against doorstep scams

Carwyn Jones the Welch First Minister warned people to be on-guard against fraudulent scams that are focused on vulnerable and elderly people who are confined to their homes in order to steal their money.

Jones warning came following the cast of an elderly woman from Sully who lost over £270,000 of her life savings after it was taken from her by a criminal gang that claimed to have been working on her driveway.

The First Minister stated that he was shocked to hear the story of what happened to Anne Cornock and that that it is appalling that out of the gang members behind the crime only one person has been arrested.

He continued to say that sadly many other victims exist throughout Wales who have fallen prey to the same schemes.  According to Jones, the crimes are focused on people that should feel secure in their homes but are defrauded by others who see honest and simply to be offering their services at a low price.

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Ruth Marks, also said she was shocked to hear about Cornock and believes theft is not excusable under any circumstances.  For this reason she welcomes the attention from the Welsh Assembly Government in order to help support older people that are being attacked by fraudsters.

In order to help, the Welsh Assembly Government has pledged £1.8m towards an initiative that will help tackle the crime issues that face older people.  An additional £1.2m has been offered to 22 Community Safety Partnerships for a large range of initiatives.