What Does Your Funeral Home Do Before The Funeral Service?

The job of a funeral home is something you may not be familiar with, especially if you’ve had no prior dealings with one. In order to help you make the funeral arrangements it may be useful to understand a little about what they do.

Receiving the body

The funeral home has a very important job in organising a funeral and helping the grieving family make all the necessary arrangements. One of the first tasks that the funeral director does is to ensure that the deceased is transported safely from the place of death (hospice, hospital etc.) to the funeral home.

Preparing the body

The funeral home will then prepare the body for the funeral in accordance with the family’s wishes. This involves tasks such as embalming if requested by the family, dressing the deceased in a gown or their clothing and arranging their hair.

Sorting the paperwork

The funeral home will also work with you to ensure all the paperwork is in order to make sure the funeral can proceed as planned. They, with your input, can help write the obituary to go in the newspaper. This is used to inform others of the death and can be a difficult thing for those directly involved to write.

Arranging the funeral

The funeral home will help sort out all aspects of the funeral service from arranging flowers, transport and music for the funeral to catering for the wake. They are also on hand to answer any questions you have about the arrangements and can help you finalise any difficult decisions you’re struggling with.

They are there on the day of the funeral to make sure everything runs smoothly and the service is exactly how you want it to be.

Ultimately, a funeral home plays a vital role in the grieving process and can help alleviate the pressure placed on you during this difficult time. This gives you the time and freedom to mourn over your loss and give your loved one a proper farewell.