When are mobile phone features actually as free as they claim to be?

Mobile phone networks often offer us different features and extras which seem to be convenient and are often promoted as free, but how free exactly are they? Maria Dementiva, a 56-year-old Russian Doctor, hears music whenever she calls her husband. The most interesting fact is that Mrs. Dementieva had never subscribed to this service. This is why she decided to contact her mobile phone network and find out if this service costs her anything.

Dementieva is using the services of MTS, the largest mobile operator in Russia. When she contacted their support staff, she found out that she is charged 43 roubles per month for a service which she had never subscribed to. Naturally, the woman complained that she had never subscribed for such a service, but the representative stated that she did. The worst thing is that these unwanted services are offered by mobile operators worldwide and in many cases we don’t know that we use them until it’s too late.

Mrs. Dementieva stated: “According to the mobile operator representative, the service became active as soon as I signed the contract with MTS. Apparently I received a text message which informed me that I’m subscribed to this service and that it is free for one month. After that period, I am charged 43 roubles a month. In order to stop the service I had to contact the company and ask them to cancel it”

PhonePayPlus, one of the biggest companies in London is ahead of these problems and they are in the opinion that users mustn’t be charged for expensive services unless they’ve agreed to certain terms and conditions. Patrick Guthrie of PhonePayPlus says: “When our customers request access to expensive subscription services, we initiate a double opt-in system in order to make sure that the client is aware of the service’s full cost.”