White chocolate brownie Krave

Kellogg’s Krave is a popular breakfast cereal, and they have recently launched it in a new flavour which is sure to be very popular. This flavour is white chocolate brownie, and this is something that is going to appeal to children, and also many adults. A brownie is not something that is typically associated with eating breakfast, and the company are hoping that with an effective advertising campaign they are going to make this breakfast cereal very popular.

It is well-known the children enjoy chocolatey breakfast cereals, and this is certainly going to be one of the best. An advertising campaign is recently described the cereal is a large step forward in terms of breakfast, and it is something that parents should start buying for their children.

In the video, the cereal is seen being launched through the air on a trolley that is powered by a rocket. As the trolley flies through the air, its contents, the breakfast cereal, are emptied onto the ground, and eventually the trolley comes crashing back to earth as well.

This advertising is part of a larger marketing campaign for the cereal, which is seeing a competition run on the company’s website. Here people are able to guess how far the trolley is going to fly through the air, and by doing so they are going to have the opportunity to win some incredible prizes. The company are giving away an entire crate of the breakfast cereal, as well as the star prize, which is an Apple iPad.