Whitefriars shopping scam

Police and trading standards have created a new campaign entitled ‘it could be you’ to warn people of lottery scamming after a man near the Whitefriars Shopping Centre was scammed out of thousands of pounds by a very elaborate scheme dreamed up by two men.

The scheme cost the poor unsuspecting man a total of £2,500 and played out like a scene out of a film with one thief approaching the man to ask for directions to the immigration office.  After he gets into an in-depth discussion with the man he states that he has a winning ticket from the lottery that he is not allowed to cash given the fact that he is not a legal alien of the country.

Soon the second man shows up pretending not to know the man and jumping in to say that he will check the ticket and comes back later with a print out that he claims shows the ticket is worth a whopping  £500,000.  At this point he asks if the other two men will help him cash the ticket by buying it off of him.  The tree agree they will split all of the winnings once it is cashed into an account with the temporary  £2,500 from both men as sign of good faith for turning over the ticket.

The victim agrees and comes back with his cash and all three plan to drive to head over to the lottery office, until the first man pretends to fall ill and the second offers to take him quickly over to the chemist after which both disappear and the original victim finds himself down the wad of cash.

This is the first time that the fraudulent act played out in Kent but there have been previous reports that the men have done the same thing in South London.