Why Black Will Never Go Out of Fashion

The way the home is styled is influenced heavily by current interior design trends and the recommendations that come from experts with the aim to create a modern and functional environment that is stylish and practical for those that reside within it.

As with fashion, interior design carries certain trends that will never go out of fashion and the style consideration that appears year after year is the dramatic and bold tone of black. Whether the colour is used to decorate walls, create elaborate furnishings or in practical accessories such as bath mats, the tone is regularly featured through different areas of the home.

Elegance and Luxury

For many, black is a severe and dominating colour that represents a dark gothic trend that some deem unsuitable for their home and the atmosphere they are trying to create. In fact, black is a strong colour that can support an ambience or theme.

Black is anything but a soft colour, but it can be used in subtle ways to pull together multiple styles and incorporate a modern look with an environment. Black is the epitome of elegance and the colour makes even the simplest of items appear expensive and luxurious simply through the deep colour and the way in which it is included.

Sophisticated and Striking

Black is a colour that can be used to dominate a room or add blocks of colour within small features. Two of the most common trends of modern design are monochrome and minimalism, which changes the look and feel of any space. Black and white can perfectly accompany each other, with white features softening a room and black elements strengthening the overall environment.

The concept of striking sophistication is created through the chosen colour palette and beige and cream simply do not produce enough strength to enable this. Bold statements are needed within so many home environments whilst being conscious of the practical needs from personal space.

The two tones are at the opposite ends of the colour spectrum and combine perfectly to contrast against one another, whilst creating support in the quest for the modern yet comfortable home.

Influence of Technology

With the growing reliance and inclusion of technology within the home, black lends itself perfectly to the creation of a technology focused ‘Smart’ home, fulfilling modern design inspirations.

The contemporary look, which stems from the inclusion of home technology means colour choices are evolving for subtle yet effective collaborations between interior design and high tech features.

Appliances and technological products come in stainless steel and glossy black or white finishes and they need to be accentuated and flattered by the style considerations surrounding them.

Consistent Style Choice

As the world around us changes and style considerations evolve, certain colours and trends will become obsolete. Black is a tone that has remained popular throughout the years and seasons regardless of the strong influences, which determine style trends.

The strength of the colour, its bold statements and sophistication means it is a tone that will continue to lend itself to any theme, environment and inspiration.