Why Choose a Tesco Kitchen?

An Advertising Feature

Mega brand Tesco have started fitting kitchens, competing with all the other manufacturers out there, but the question begs, why choose a Tesco Kitchen?

Much like other kitchen fitters, Tesco offer a service which includes a home design visit. The folk at Tesco will kindly come round, have a look at your kitchen, scale it up and discuss what you could have done.

They’re reasonably priced too in comparison to other fitters, which mean that you can get a high quality kitchen for a low cost price.

Tesco has a huge range of styles to choose from which is a key factor in deciding a kitchen. You want the choice in personalizing your kitchen after all it will probably a few years before you want to consider a re-fit.

Tesco use a company called Mark Two Distributors Limited install the kitchen who only use fitters of a very high standard. The perfectionist kitchen fitters who are also bathroom and bedroom professionals, have a proven track record in domestic installations.

Mark Two also fit bathrooms work for other leading brands such as Next, Wickes, Dolphin Bathrooms and Littlewoods.

Tesco kitchens are fully project managed too meaning that it will be a complete job from start to finish.

Cabinets and doors are guaranteed for up to 25 years, so you can rest assure they won’t fall apart the minute Tesco Kitchen fitters leave the house.

Before you commit to them they also offer a service which allows you to view your kitchen of choice. The complimentary 3D planning allows you to look at your potential kitchen, try it on for size and see how you like it.

With a Tesco kitchen you also have a wide range of choice when it comes to the finishing touches. There are numerous different handles, door knobs, work tops, sinks and other kitchen essentials to choose from.

If you want that halogen downlight Tesco will fit it; if you want a duetto magic corner or carousel basket in your kitchen – Tesco will fit it.

Not only do they fit a nice kitchen but they often have offers too. If you spend over £3,000 on Kitchen Cabinets, worktops and accessories including VAT excluding appliances, installation will be free and you’ll get a free wine cooler if you spend over £4,000. Not to mention that when you buy a Tesco kitchen you also get double Clubcard points!