Win a Mini Cooper Roadster with Colgate Total

Imagine waking up from a long sleep with your partner, and discovering a little note telling you your birthday present is downstairs but you can’t have a peek? This is what awaits Kate when she wakes up, the star of the new video from Colgate Total. She is a Colgate Total user, her partner Jack is not, so the first thing we know is who has the fresher mouth.

This video has been released to coincide with the fantastic competition Colgate Total are running where you can win a years supply of Colgate Total toothpaste, oh, and a spanking new Mini Cooper Roadster. Colgate has become a global brand over the years, and are one of the most respected manufacturers of tooth-care products across the world.

Their advertising campaigns have always been interesting, informative and have got the message across as to the importance of taking care of not only your teeth but your entire mouth. The video is fun to watch and adds a bit of intrigue as, instead of heading straight down to see what her present is, we see Kate cleaning her teeth instead.

We then see Kate leaving the house with her coat and bag, and to see how the rest of Kate’s day pans out you have to follow a link that appears at the end of the video. We all want to know what the gift is and how the rest of the day goes and this seems set to be one of those rare videos that is widely discussed at the coffee machines and water coolers.