Winston Churchill forger arrested for eBay sales

According to the police a man has been arrested for forging Winston Churchill’s signature on memorabilia and books he is posting for sale on eBay.

He was detained for fraud and misrepresentation by the art and antiques unit of the Metropolitan Police in Lymington, Hampshire.

There have been many books and memorabilia with alleged forgeries over the last year and a half and this was brought to the police’s attention. The items could increase in value over 1,000% with the purported signature of Churchill on them.

Sales directly to victims or on eBay are the methods used to move the products. They also took not possession over 30 books by authors like Robert Louis Stephenson, TS Eliot and Tolkein along with a number of calligraphy pens.

The man remains in custody at the Lyndhurst Police Station in Hampshire and will be there pending further investigation commented a police spokesman.