Woman swindled hundreds of people on eBay

After a full investigation by Wandsworth trading standard officers, a woman that sold fake goods on eBay and swindled hundreds of people, has been given a suspended prison sentence. Thousands of pounds were taken from her online customers by duping them into believing that the items she, Kitty Lin-Wilson of Balham, sold were genuine when in reality they were counterfeits of poor quality.

Top end price for an array of goods that included make up brushes, purses, clothing and cosmetics were paid by her customers as they were advertised as genuine and from exclusive suppliers like Estee Lauder and Chanel. She claimed she could not remember all of her eBay and Paypal customers, while under questioning, saying there were too many to remember.

A six month jail sentence was handed down to Lin-Wilson on Thursday after she pleaded guilty to committing seven breaches of the Trade Marks Act at an earlier court hearing and at the same time admitted to a money laundering offence. Representatives from Estee Lauder contacted trading officers and an investigation was launched about her selling activities that Estee Lauder said was breaking trade mark laws.

Her home was raided after confirmation that the items she sold had been fake, and there were found hundreds of counterfeit items in the home. A financial investigation found out that from July 2007 to February 2009 over £76,000 was paid into Paypal accounts under her control. Further action of money confiscation will be taken against her under the Proceeds of Crime Act of 2002.