Wonga customers victims of scam

Customers of payday loan company Wonga are the latest to be affected by a large scale scam after they were duped into sharing their account details with someone pretending to be a representative of the company. This fraudster sent out phishing emails that asked the customers to follow a link to the website so that they can log in and offer the fraudsters access to personal details.

The website customers were sent to was a replica website that looked very similar to the Wonga website if a discerning eye was not used. The only real difference is that the fake was registered in Indonesia whereas the real website is registered in London. The emails were also disguised to appear to be from Wongacom Support with the fake email address of supporta@wonga.com used to further help perpetuate the fraud.

Once customers arrived at the fake site they were asked to log in so that they could access a security message, however, once they gave the website their log in information they gave away their user name and password allowing the fraudsters to then hake into their real accounts and gain access to personal details.

Wonga released a statement that explained that many online businesses that are successful are unfortunately the target of phishing attacks where fraudsters are looking for personal details. The company added that people need to be careful whenever they receive an email asking for account details and know that Wonga would never ask for personal details in this manner.

Consumers should be concerned in general about any email that tells you to follow a link to put in personal details because no reputable banking company or financial organisation would ever ask a customer to do so. If you receive an email like this, chances are it is a phishing scam.