Working in Birmingham: offices and opportunities

An overview of working in Birmingham and excellent office facilities with Goodman business parks

Birmingham has long been harboured with the moniker of ‘second’ city; the UK’s second biggest urban area aside from London, with the second largest urban population. Yet the Midlands metropolis is a leader in some of the world’s most contemporary industries and skills sets.

Birmingham continues to be a pioneer in telecommunications, information technology services, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. It is the city which gave birth to HSBC, Bournville and Cadbury; which laid the foundations of BT and even Boots the Chemist. Some of the UK’s most successful ever businesses have Birmingham to thank for their success.

And as a thriving working environment, there is also a cutting edge feel to offices in Birmingham, as leading architects and work-led designers are striving to encounter more efficient and pleasing sites for productive and effective work to take place.

Many leading businesses are following the trend of out of town business parks as the ideal place to enjoy the space and privacy needed to build a medium to large-sized company. With the chance for more room to play and relax, as well as be more creative with design and spacing of your office, an out-of-town environment is also a great way for city dwellers to continue enjoying the city as a home rather than simply seeing it as a giant office.

One such out-of-town enterprise is the brainchild of Goodman Business Parks, an international company with a strong UK focus that specialises in creating large work complexes.  The Birmingham office already plays host to global brands such as Orange, Hewlett Packard and Fujitsu.

Employment in Birmingham is dominated by the service sector, with this sector accounting for 86% of jobs in the city in 2008. It is also one of the UK’s leading employers in retail, tourism and is widely gaining a reputation as a research capital, as its prestigious university directly feeds into the employment and development of the technology and pharmaceuticals industries based in the area. These are all sectors which employ large workforces or teams, and again benefit from the space and scope that large, out-of-town business parks have to offer.