Would be star stitchers turn to Haberdashery how-to manual

The ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ has left many itching to stitch; what better way to get started than using the handy Haynes Sewing Manual.

The book is expected to gain massive popularity with dress-makers and seamstresses of all calibre’s as was the case with BBC2’s primetime programme; which had a viewership of 2.4 million beating Great British Bake Off’s debut episode by more than 300,000 viewers.

For those like contestant Tilly who might struggle with making pockets for their A-line skirts, there is a whole section by the author Laura Strutt demonstrating how to fix patch and in-seam pockets.

And if like the judge and Savile Row tailor Patrick Grant, you share a hatred of scalloped collars, Laura takes readers through all the ins and outs of making a trendy Peter Pan alternative.

Haynes Sewing Manual covers everything from sewing on a button, darting and concealing zips to hand stitching, applique and adjusting patterns to customise clothes.

It highlights the fact that the nation’s current passion for vintage fashion means sewing is no longer a pastime left to grandmothers and aunties.

Everybody from schoolchildren to busy professionals, students to men like the HGV mechanic Mark from the BBC show is turning their hand to needlecraft.

In this time of austerity, Haynes Sewing Manual shows just how easy it is to ‘make do and mend’.

Haynes Sewing Manual starts with basic kit and techniques before debunking sewing machine jargon and offering a series of illustrated step-by-step projects to develop skills and confidence.

And for the armies of people crafting in their bedroom and hoping to upcycle their homes into a vintage paradise, there is a whole chapter on home furnishing.

Author Laura Strutt is the former editor of two key sewing and craft magazines and said: ‘So many people would like to save money mending and customising the clothes they already love. Others want to tailor their wardrobes to suit their tastes and body shapes.

Then there are the people who would like to decorate their homes in their own way; making their own curtains, bedding and cushions. These are skills which can be easily learnt and enjoyed with the manual.’